Illinois Government pilots Blockchain technology to digitize birth certificates



The Government of the State of Illinois has started to test a system based on Blockchain focusing on the digitalization of birth certificates.
Working with Blockchain Identity Startup Evernym, the tools designed would allow parents and doctors present at birth to officially record birth on an authorized blockchain.

According to Jennifer O’ Rourke, who serves as Illinois’s block-chain business liaison, the platform being developed could lead to the creation of a complete set of identity tools that an individual can use in the long term. O’ Rourke says:


“In this pilot, businesses and governments would be able to verify and authenticate a citizen‚Äôs identity by requesting encrypted access to verifiable claims”


Under the proposed framework, state agencies will be able to verify the registration data of a person at birth, then to sign encrypted data on a person’s name, date of birth, type of blood, and other important information.

This information should be kept in a distributed tamper-proof record, accessible only with the consent of a legal guardian – up to the age at which the person becomes a legal adult.

At this early stage of development, efforts are focusing on creating a user interface that parents and doctors can use to digitize the birth certificate, as well as enabling other back-office processes that come into operation.

The tools developed are based on the work done by a task force within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

The pilot project is part of the Illinois State Initiative Blockchain Initiative, whose objectives include creating a more welcoming environment for Blockchain enterprises in the state and removing barriers for the government to build with Blockchain.

Among the partner agencies of the initiative are the State Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunities (DCEO), the Department of Insurance (DOI) and the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT).

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