The Russian authorities arrested three men for illegal large-scale sales of Bitcoin



Russian authorities arrested Three men for their involvement in large-scale Bitcoin sales, the arrested individuals were being investigated for processing a high volume associated with trades with no license and for not paying taxes on their profits.

According to a report by the Vedomosti newspaper, the 3 men have allegedly traded more than 500 million Russian rubles worth of Bitcoin without securing the license to do this. The authorities are reportedly in the particular process of building a criminal case against the “illegal” Bitcoin sellers.

According to the investigators, they noticed unusual activity in bank accounts associated with bout 300 bank cards and SIM cards.
The arrest of the three Bitcoin sellers is viewed as initial phase in the revitalized work by authorities to provide tax evaders to justice.

Even though this is the first criminal case in Russia involving Bitcoin, authorities have a spotted past when it comes to the popular cryptocurrency, but the government wants to prevent tax evasion associated with cryptocurrencies, which has been pretty difficult to do so far.

Remember also In previous years the Russian authorities launched campaigns in order to ban Bitcoin exchanges plus websites where the cryptocurrency can be transformed into rubles.

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