Swiss Revolution: Chiasso accepts tax payments in bitcoin


Since January 2018, the Swiss municipality of Chiasso will allow residents to pay taxes using Bitcoin.

Chiasso Administration reported thatBitcoin could be used to pay taxes of up to 250 francs. This is 50 francs more than the amount of money that Bitcoin allowed to pay to Zug, known for its fidelity to crypto-exchange.

The Chiasso decision was taken after a series of meetings, which took place with the mayor Bruno Arrigoni and local entrepreneurs.

He noted that in Chiasso there was a passionate community of Blockchain world that can give the city and its Ticino epicentre a technological and economic growth. In recent months, eight start-ups have preferred Chiasso to open their headquarters.

In addition, the cantonal authorities propose to establish a non-profit organisation for the promotion and development of Blockchain technologies, as well as the intention to hold regular meetings from next October 2017.

An experiment that not only solves itself in tax collection, but also includes other steps. In fact, it is also stated that “the Executive will consider the possibility of participating as a founding partner in the establishment of a BHB non-profit foundation, which will involve some of the leading exponents of Blockchain/Bitcoin technology based in Chiasso”.

The entrepreneurs involved in the project also expressed their willingness to organise simple in-depth courses in secondary schools.

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