Cryptocurrency Company plans to make the agreements for the promotion with Juventus and Middleborough.


International Technology Company “Midex” plans to become a sponsor of several well-known sports teams, as well as individual athletes from different countries.
At the same time, the company is looking for non-standard ways of advertising.

Midex offers a QR code leading to the project site. So, preference has been given to teams with the black and the white colors on their club uniform.
As an example, “Boca Juniors” from Argentina and “Juventus” from Turin, who received our offer.
“Middleborough” also came up with different parameters.

The company also proposed to pay the salary to players MDX token – Midex cryptocurrency.

Now, we sent our offer to teams from different countries. Including England, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Japan, China, Argentina, Australia, and the USA.
We concentrate on several parameters. The popularity of a club or an athlete is a great deal but not the key one.
We also consider the philosophy of the club, the state’s attitude to the cryptocurrency and much more.
And from European football clubs, our choice initially fell on “Juventus” and “Middleborough” from England – says the head of PR department of Midex Valeria Mingov.

Middleborough currently acts in the country’s second most powerful division.
However, the company is particularly sympathetic to this team, besides, an interesting concept for advertising on the form of this club with the slogan
“Middleborough – it’s a Midex, bro” was created for it.

We have already entered into negotiations with Middleborough and, we hope, will soon conclude a mutually beneficial agreement’ Mingov said.
Note that Midex is also interested in working with the New York Yankees baseball team on the home stadium field, which proposes
to place a QR code from a specially sown grass of different shades.

NBA Basketball Team Brooklyn Nets use an additional mascot in the form of a QR code.

The volleyball player of the Dominican Republic Venifer Fernandez, tennis player Caroline Wozniacki and biathlete Marten Fourcade
received personal offers on sponsorship cooperation.

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