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In a recent survey undertaken by Bloomberg magazine, it was found that fewer than 10% of 220 ICOs surveyed, had any real value, thankfully smart investors are now moving away from purely speculative cryptocurrency offerings, Instead, they are investing in what the market refers to as ‘utility tokens.’


Snovio – The Crypto Coin With Arguably 2018’s Most Unique use Case

Given the current interest in crypto coins with robust use cases, Snovio is one digital currency which has seen dramatic recent price rises. This is because unlike other coins on the market, Snovio pairs blockchain technology with an entire market service. – Namely successful lead generation for internet and digital marketers.


Why Snovio is so Exciting

Currently priced at $0.19 per token, Snovio has surged by over 1,500% in January 2018 alone reaching a value of 0.42 per Token in the first weeks of January, considering the correction was foreseen
and the potential of this project was seen this makes the current Snovio price so interesting, furthermore let’s not forget that that Snovio’s blockchain technology is already being used by big Company’s likes Lego, Uber, and Ubisoft.


How Snovio Works

While digital marketing and lead generation might sound complicated, Snovio actually makes the process altogether easy.

Companies like Linkedin and Microsoft already have vast marketing databases at their disposal. Every such database, however, is isolated. What Snovio does, in this case, is use blockchain technology to help companies share information. Much more importantly, when shared information results in the successful generation of new sales leads, Snovia smart contracts see database owners compensated accordingly.

In short, by using smart contracts and cryptocurrency tokens to facilitate the exchange of actionable marketing information, Snovia allows companies to profit, simply by sharing what they have already.


What Further Development of Snovio’s Blockchain Technology Looks set to Bring in 2018

In February 2018, the current Snovio roadmap will see Snovio incorporate over 1,000,000 individual database profiles into its core network. This alone will result in the generation of at least 10,000,000 potentially profitable new sales leads.

Needless to say, more databases and more sales leads, will inevitably lead to growing interest in Snovio’s leadsourcing capability in 2018. This being the case, even conservative estimates put Snovio coin prices at $1 or more by the end of 2018. The only question is, will you invest?


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