Dash daily analysis

Yesterday’s bullish session on the Dash, which opened negotiations at $ 580, and then closed at 618 dollars, today Dash continues to stay within a compression zone and the volumes are very low, furthermore the RSI remains lateral in the 50 zone. The resistances to keep under observation are: 650 and subsequently 750 dollars, while for the supports: 414 and 370 dollars.

For those wishing to buy Dash, a possible strategy would be to wait for the breaking of the compression zone and the breaking of the SMMA of 50 periods, then approximately around $ 750, but the movement of the price e must have a good volume.

For those currently holding Dash, however, could maintain the position as the price is currently in an uptrend, of course if it were to breaking the trend line of the last 4 weeks, it may think to sell and buy at lower prices.

Remember that this is not a financial advice.

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