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US Prosecutors Request Prohibition of SBF from Using Signal after Alleged Witness Influence Attempt

Photo: Lam Yik/Bloomberg News

To stop further attempts to sway witness testimony, federal prosecutors have asked that the bail conditions for former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried be changed.

According to court records submitted on January 27th, the Department of Justice has requested that Bankman-Fried not be allowed to speak with any current or former FTX or Alameda workers.

This request was made to Judge Lewis Kaplan of the United States District Court. This motion follows accusations from the prosecution that on January 15th, Bankman-Fried sought to sway the testimony of Ryne Miller, the current General Counsel of FTX US, through conversation on Signal and email.

The use of encrypted communication apps has also been forbidden, at the request of the prosecution, due to Bankman-"history" Fried's of obstructive behavior.