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ShapeShift makes available its Open-Source Platform Code V2

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift, a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform, announced Thursday that it has open-sourced the code for its upcoming V2 of the platform, making it available to developers.

Since 2014, ShapeShift has been pioneering self-custody for digital asset trading, and through its platform allows users around the world to securely buy, hold and trade digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now Shapeshift is ready to take a leap forward, with the release of the new V2 codebase.

In this new version, optimizations have been made to allow the code to run on decentralized infrastructure (rather than ShapeShift's centralized servers), to align it with the true intent of decentralization. ShapeShift's v2 code repository is now available on Github, making it easier for developers to download it to their local units (

"This is a great step in our ongoing efforts to open source and involve the community in iterating on the first comprehensive, multichain, community-built interface," said Josh Foreman, engineering workstream lead for ShapeShift DAO.

The company also announced that developers want review and contribute to the code are invited to participate in bi-weekly community calls on ShapeShift's Discord, The meetings will feature demos, and will be a place where future enhancements can be discussed.

Decentralization has been a driving force behind the blockchain revolution, and while not all cryptocurrency-based projects require a decentralized value proposition to drive adoption decentralization is certainly seen as a safe solution to many of the dangers of centralized systems, furthermore, decentralization is well regarded by the entire crypto community, as this feature is at the core of cryptocurrency philosophies and blockchain technology.