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The Senate Building in Mexico now has a Bitcoin ATM.

Photo by: REUTERS/Mike Blake

The country's 14th Bitcoin (BTC) ATM is now housed in Mexico's Senate building, indicating the country's growing interest in Bitcoin. The ATM was placed on Tuesday with the help of many MPs, including Miguel Angel Mancera, the chairman of the Party of the Democratic Revolution's parliamentary caucus (PRD).

According to Coin ATM Radar, the country already had 13 of these ATMs in Mexico City, Tijuana, Cancun, Guadalajara, Culiacan, San Miguel de Cozumel and Aguascalientes.

The Senator Indira Kempis expressed her delight at the news on Twitter, claiming that it was for the sake of liberty.

Following that, Ricardo Monreal, President of the Senate's Political Coordination Board, recommended that Mexico's government embrace the cryptocurrency industry and establish a regulated framework. He pointed out that other Central and South American countries, such as Panama, Argentina, Brazil, and Peru, have also jumped on board. As a result, in order to avoid falling behind in this area, Mexico should follow likewise.