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Framework Ventures has announced the launch of a $400 million fund focused on blockchain gaming.

Framework Ventures, a crypto-focused venture company with about $1.4 billion in assets under management, has successfully raised $400 million for its "FVIII" cryptocurrency fund, which is focused on early-stage entrepreneurs and projects in the field. The fund will assist a variety of Web3 and decentralized finance startups.

Launched in 2019 and expanded in 2020 with an $8 million raise, Framework Labs was created as part of the Framework team’s thesis on “network capital”;This form of investing seeks to be more hands-on than just holding onto an asset. The finest investment in the new era of open-source decentralized finance necessitates a new hybrid paradigm in which stakeholders invest, market-make, stake, validate, and participate in all elements of the ecosystem.

For example, Framework Labs runs one of the largest indexer nodes on The Graph, as well as a Chainlink node that services 201 different price feeds in use by a multitude of apps across multiple chains. Framework Labs is active in various on-chain functions and is a prolific user of DeFi services today.

Framework co-founder Michael Anderson said:

“We think this is really the end of the beginning for crypto, and consumer-ready experiences such as gaming are ready to open the floodgates in terms of new users. I believe the next stage of the blockchain industry will be entirely about onboarding new users, and we think gaming is by far the biggest top-of-funnel opportunity. As the economics of play to earn models converge with triple-A games that are actually fun to play, we expect an explosion of growth for this sector.”

About half of the new investment will be allocated to firms working on crypto-based video games.
Many gamers are concerned that financial speculation would spoil the experience, but Spencer is confident that gaming will be the tipping moment that assures crypto's general adoption.